Monday, November 7, 2011

A contest... I had to do this sooner or later.

I have fans everywhere

In the interest of keeping everyone interested in what goes on around here, I have come to a simple conclusion. It's time to share the joy.

I would like the dear loyal and trusted fans on Facebook to help with a few things.

In short: I want some more fans on Facebook, and I'm willing to pay to get them.

However, since I don't have cash to shill out in bribe money, I'll have to make due with something else.

Do I have your attention?
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A dozen years ago, when I started writing what (unbeknownst to me) is commonly called fanfiction, I had come to the conclusion that I wanted to do this for a living. To rip off Dr. Samuel Johnson—only an idiot DOESN'T write for money. It's fun, but so's making the rent.

Ten years ago, I decided that history would be useful for a writer, because history is a fun story, if you have the right narrator. Six years ago, when I wrote the first, five pound, draft of A Pius Man, I knew that I had something interesting here, even if it was a master's paper that spiraled out of control. Not being stupid, I invested time and energy in a PhD in modern European history, just in case the writing thing went sideways.

Little did I know that two year after that, writing would be my backup after the PhD thing went sideways. If you ever read something that makes fun of academia, higher learning, I will lay money that very little is made up.

So, since I'm counting on being published for my livelihood, that means I'm counting on you, dear reader.

What, me worried?

I still have an agent.  However, it would be nice if I could print out the weekly internet traffic and say “I already have X-amount of fans who will go buy the book, read it, and probably inflict it on everyone they know.”

I would like the X-amount of fans to be a little higher.

As I write this, the fan level is at 119. I'd like a nice and easy 150 fans. Once the page hits that threshold, there will be a Podcast of the opening of A Pius Man. Yes, an audio reading of the novel, from page one.

After that .... well, we'll cross that bridge when we drive off of it.

So, does this sound like a plan?

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