Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The flame war is postponed ....

For those of you who follow such things, we have our first flame war on the page.  It's over in the FAQs of Lent comments section.

However, I ran across this on Facebook.  My friend Matt's Facebook page.  As you know, Matt's an atheist, and likes shredding the dumber side of religion.... okay, he thinks every side is dumb, but he tolerates me, and I'm not the easiest person to get along with.

Now, you don't have to view this video. In fact, I hope it gets taken off of YouTube before any human being gets to see this ... I really don't count.  But, I took a glance at it, and it prompted me to write my first ever blog that I want to post at three in the morning, EST. 

I think I'm about to have a banner moment, here.

A Bruce Banner moment. 

This creature in the YouTube video linked above claims that "We started praying on Ash Wednesday for the eyes of atheists to be opened, and God took Japan by the shoulder and shook it to say 'Wake up, I"m here!'  What would happen if everyone around the world prayed for the entire forty days of Lent."


To answer this cretin....

Lady, to start with, you ain't part of any Church I'm in.  I know, I checked your profile on youtube.  After looking at this video, you aren't even praying to the same God.  I believe yours is some sort of Babylonian deity best classified under demonology.

How exactly, in your pinhead little brain, does "Earthquake = God's wrath"?  Seriously?  This is Japan, set in the Ring of Fire, they have Earthquakes.  A lot of them.  They happen in dependant of your "praying."  They happen when it isn't Lent.

Now, going by your language patterns, my dear girl, I put you in the midwestern US, right?  Going by your rhetorical style I'm going to guess you're, oh, from Westboro, Kansas?  Does your town have a creationist museum?  Are you related to a certain Mr. Phelps?

You know what, I don't even care.  You know why?  Because you're either stupid, or you're evil.  I tend to never attribute to malice what I can attribute to stupidity, but you, lady, you take the cake.  I'm leaning towards evil.  You view an Earthquake of tens of thousands of people, and you somehow view it as a good thing?  Something that will turn people towards God?  What god are we looking at, exactly?  Moloch, I hear, was interested in death.

Not to mention, you stupid creature, that there are a lot of Christians already in Japan.  And a lot of those who aren't happen to be religious, just not part of your crazy-ass cult.  If the bulk of the dead are Christian, and someone uses this as proof that there is no God, I would view that as equally offensive.  Do you know why?  Because people are hurting, damnitThis isn't something you use as a debate "gotcha."

What human being views a catostrophic event, generating massive human suffering as a "OOOO, THIS PROVES I'M RIGHT"?

Answer, a retard like you, lady.

I have Wiccans, Jews, and Atheists among my readers.  Anyone who likes can disagree with me.  But, until that time, I think we can all agree on one thing: we all don't like you....

End rant #1.

And then, it gets better.

She decides to hope that God hits Europe and America next, because "there are so many atheists there."

So, hmm, going from "this is a sign" to "I'm actively praying for utter devastation and ruin".... In ancient Greece and Rome, that alone would have been enough to have this ... creature ... executed as a traitor to the state. I'd like to congratulate this creature on joining the ranks of al-Qaeda and the Unibomber.

I have an irate atheist on my comment boards, a Mr. Kearne.  I would like to lock him and this creatire in the same room and see who comes out alive.  And, despite that this person has used foul language at me, been rude, and is generally incoherent, I would hope he comes out kicking.  Because he's merely annoying.   You, madam, are offensive to all I hold dear.  You are offensive to me, my church, all of the people who believe I as do, all genuine people of faith, and to decent people in general.

As I write this, there are over 400,000 people who have viewed that video, and a lot of the replies have been Christians who ... dislike this woman .  Only 1,000 have "liked" the video ... why do I say "only"?  Because that shows, thus far, that less than 1% of the population is INSANEWhich, when you consider how much of the population seems to be crazy on any given day, is pretty good.  Over 80,000 have gone out of their way to dislike it.

And, the best part, most of the people commenting on it seem to all be Christians telling her she's a moron.

I'm looking at a video of this person on pause.  And there it is: a smug, self-satisfied look, like an egocentric child who's ever so proud of beating up the smallest kid on the playground ... While talking about how death and destruction will rain down on everyone else... This is what a sociopath looks like over the latest kill. There is no profanity strong enough to emphasize how much I want to smack that look off of her face.  Serial killers can at least fake acting human better than this.

Right now, I'm looking at her other photos: "Obama is the Antichrist," and "Richard Dawkins is wrong" .... I dislike the atheist Dawkins, but--just because this woman hates him-- I'm tempted to think he might not be half bad.

As a final note to the entity who made this video ....

I'm Catholic.  You probably already hate me, and don't even count me among your "fellow Christians."  However, most Christians are better people than you.  Most atheists are better people than you.  So's most of the rest of the planet.  The moment my church agrees with you, I'm going to join Matt in his Church of Atheism.

But, until that happens, I hope you do live in Kansas, if only for a tornado to sweep through, lift up whatever outhouse you call a church, and then drop it on you.  That would truly prove that God is good, if only because we wouldn't have to listen to one ignorant, stupid, bigoted thing to come out of your mouth.

We can now go back to our flame war, already in progress.

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