Friday, April 1, 2011

GOD H8TS JAPAN; Twitting with Phelps & Co.

Subtitle: Evil Religions 1: Shinto.

I mentioned a while back that I would consider possibly doing a series on Evil Religions, and that I would save this for later.  But I had to get this one off of my chest.  You see, if you've followed my twitter (Apiusmannovel) lately, you will have noticed that I've been having a battle of wits with the Phelps clan. 

Yes, Phelps, of Westboro.  I've mentioned them once ... or three times ....

However, my eyes have been open.  All of that stuff about Japan they've been saying?  It's been right.  God took Japan by the shoulders and shook it like a rag doll.


Because of Shinto.

Yes, Shinto is the most evil religion out there.

As Jim Butcher has noted, Shinto is a nature religion—everything in nature, Shinto says, has a spirit, a kami in Japanese. You respect the kami of a mountain, because it will crush you like a bug! With the kami of a pebble, it's a pebble, who cares?

But Shinto has spawned the worst evil ever known to mankind.

Worse than Imperial Japan.

Worse than the Bataan death march.

Because, in the 20th century, someone decided that they were going to take all of the worse elements of Shinto, and merge it with all of the most violent, horrific aspects of pro-Wrestling.

The result....


We have to get them all .... and kill them!

This proves it!

All religions are eeeeevvvvviiilllll, AND MUST BE DESTROYED!!!







Happy April Fool's Day, from A Pius Man.

Yeah, it was a little obvious, wasn't it?

A real Evil Religion blog series will start after Easter ... maybe.

Oh, for those of you following my duel with the Phelps Klan, I sent them my original article on phelps.  Their response:

  @APiusManNovel Too many boring words Zzzzzzzzzz @jabezphelps

When I suggested that I had been writing for grammar school, and I should have written for the inbred, their reply:

@APiusManNovel @margiejphelps Or maybe you could stop being #boring and get your own sign and you cry out against this nation.

So I sent them Ann Coulter's article on the Westboro Baptist Church. I figure the venom would penetrate no matter what.

I didn't want to give the game away, but the title of todays blog: Tweeting with Twits.
Do you think I used enough small words for them this time?

And, yes, having a battle of wits with the Phelps people is like they brought a knife to an artilery duel.

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