Monday, May 30, 2011

Atheist complaint: Conform!

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-How religion encourages conformity and non-doubt

You mean how like every culture encourages conformity?

Yes, because non-coformity is so encouraged by governments. Deviancy has always been rewarded everywhere at all times …

Oh, wait, tell it to Oscar Wilde. He had to deal with the generally Godless American West, and the even more Godless Victorian England (I'm partially Irish, I have to beat up on the British, it's in my contract.)

And what, we in the US encourage pedophilia? NAMBLA, maybe. You deviant from cultural norms, you're screwed. Religion has nothing to do with it.

Non-doubt … gee, a religion is not going to encourage you to be an atheist, I wonder why...

However, the members of most religions I've noticed don't have a gun put to their head to stay in, and people are not converted at gunpoint … at least, not since Conquistadors. Yes, Conquistadors. When the missionaries convert the people and walk away, and the Conquistadors come in, hand the locals idols and say “look, they're heathens!” so they can take the land and possessions, that's not an evil religion. That's an a$$hole administrator.

Cortez, I'm looking at you buddy. Don't think I don't see you....

Okay, I'm a little weird right now ....

And, of course, anti-theist atheists don't encourage either conformity or non-doubt … after all, Richard Dawkins says that if you're Christian, your children should be taken away from you and you should be arrested for child abuse.

Oh, wait …That's conformity, isn't it? And he doesn't sound like he doubts his own non-belief, does he? Hmm....

But, hey, how many anti-theists are  men of science?  There is no conformity in science, and there is plenty of skepticism … unless you're a scientist who denies global warming, then you'll be excommunicated and have your funding pulled.

Hmm, hasn't the church been raked over the coals for something like that?

There are now a boatload of sixteenth century clergymen who are laughing hysterically.

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