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Books to enjoy: Romance .... Romance? WTF?

If you've even looked at the back of novels by long time novelists, like David Morrell, you will notice that there are a lot of other authors who give him blurbs for his novels. I have noticed that a lot of authors who write books I enjoy, tend to read other authors whose books I enjoy.

Authors tend to cluster like that for at least the last century. Tolkien was a friend of CS Lewis. Chesterton, Dorothy Lee Sayers, Ronald Knox, Agatha Christie, and Baroness Orczy were all connected....or well networked, if you want to put it another way. If you have no idea who I'm talking about, will be helpful.

So, if the author's book collection tells a lot about what he writes, then—without going into footnotes—what is the background for A Pius Man?

In general terms, anything that isn't nailed down.

What do I read that I would recommend to other people? Well, I can do a simple breakdown by genre.....

Today, I will do ....



Yes, you heard me. Romance. I'm a bit of a Romantic sap at heart

Yes, I read some romance, but these usually come with thriller elements.

Catherine Coulter-- her FBI series is quite entertaining. At least for the first six or seven books. The Cove is possibly the best constructed mystery out of the bunch, and it opens with a fifty page long chase through several states. It works surprisingly well.

Retribution (Dark-Hunter)
Stupid artwork
Stupid Title
Good book
Sherrilyn Kenyon-- Imagine vampires mixed with Greek mythology so much that they're not really vampires-- and all of the books have really stupid titles that have nothing to do with the rest of the book. I was only suckered into reading these when the rest of my family insisted on buying the whole collection.  After that, I discovered that, while they are marketed to the romance crowd, most of them work as what is known as "Urban Fantasy."  If you can get past the stupid titles and the overdrawn covers.
 If you're a fan of Greek mythology, interweaving new mythology and modern action thrillers, read Kenyon's “Dark-Hunter” series. Preferably in publication order, otherwise you can get very lost, very fast. The romance elements are there, that's her primary classification. And don't be put off by the titles or the covers, most of which are embarrassing to look at. But if I had any shame, I would probably be in a different line of work.

The Senator and the PriestAndrew Greeley-- An Irish Chicago Catholic priest who writes romance novels. Some people tend to have brain-freeze at that point, so take a moment if you need to.

If you can, read any book of his BEFORE 2000. After that point, well, his books start to suck. They almost always have a fairly solid mystery, but there's always a romance-- however, avoid the books "Cardinal Sins" and "Love Song" (Early books, awful books.). The Search for Maggie Ward was surprisingly epic, as was Irish Gold, and he has an entire Beatitude series of locked room murder mysteries. And he has three books of an Angel trilogy which are EXCELLENT.

And ... that's it.

I'm certain that most readers did not expect a very long list of novels here

Then again, I looked at the end of Terminator 2 and saw it as the touching story between a boy and his dog ... if dog translates into "robotic killing machine from the future."

So, I'm a touch weird.

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