Monday, June 27, 2011

Gay Marriage: So What?

Gay marriage was deemed legal in New York State over the past weekend....

As someone who's spent a lot of time on this blog doing Catholicism for dummies, I guess I would be expected to comment on this sort of thing.

To which one part of my says ... "So what?"  My personal politics says who cares. I don't care what anyone else does as long as they don't harm anyone else. I'm a little libertarian that way.  In fact, I had proposed a few times that we just make all "marriages" properly labeled.  Atheists and gays can have civil unions (because, really, marriage should be something religious). and anyone who can get married in a church can get married in any church that will have them. The End.
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My religion says who cares -- a major problem the Catholic church has had lately has been about gay lifestyles (see the link). The NY state law protects churches from being bullied into marrying gays, if the religion says no. That was my original problem when marriage certificates for gays was first mentioned in .... I want to say either Vermont or Massachusetts. I'm not entirely certain ... they took their certificates and went to the nearest church to bully them, whether the couple in question had been to mass in twenty years or not.

The easily irritated, New York part of me says .... that's nice, can we balance the frigging budget now? Please? For the love of God?

The cynical part of me says .... how nice, the law protects churches.  When's the first lawsuit?

While all of the friends of mine who are dancing in the streets over this (ie: the ones who actually care), generally also harangue evil, stupid religious people, I'm not entirely certain that they give a damn about religion one way or another. 

I don't know if they've thought about religious freedoms on the matter, but again, I'm expecting a lawsuit against, say, the Catholic Church, within 6-12 months. 

Why am I expecting a lawsuit? 

Two words: McDonald's Coffee.

When the lawsuit is filed against the first church that they're discriminating against gays for being married, because now apparently it's a "right" to be married, I wonder how that lawsuit is going to go.

And I wonder: will all of those people who are dancing in the street care when the lawsuits are filed?

That's when I'll start to care about gay marriage. When someone comes after religion in it's name.

This one is a little blogged from the hip today, so sorry if it's not up to standard. On the one hand, I truly don't care. On the other, I truly do wait for the lawsuit. If you find something off about this article, or something isn't clear, and I will try to fix it.  Comments are welcome, stupidity is not. 


  1. Catholicism would be better thought of if it exhibited your earnest tolerance

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  3. Yeah, well, we don't get any good press when we hold sane opinions. It's all "Oh, they hate everybody." Sigh....


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