Monday, June 27, 2011

Image Comics & The Big Lie

But I Digress (Comics Buyer's Guide)The first time I had ever heard of Image Comics, it was in a column by Peter David called But I Digress.  It was all mostly a matter of the strange and wonderously stupid things done in the comic book industry, as well as writing, and structure of stories, and why doesn't anyone ever stay dead already?

What I recalled of Image Comics was that it was art-focused. Essentially, all of the artists decided that they didn't need anything stupid like, oh, writers, for example. Because, after all, writers are just those people who fill in the word bubbles after the artist is done with the pictures, right?

Tell it to Joss Whedon, or JM Straczynski, or Peter David.

Now I digress ....

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive CollectionAnyway, with this background, I read about Image Comics trying to do a Twilight Zone episode.

Okay, goody.  I always like it when people try to imitate better writers. It's worked for some people better than others.

The Twilight Zone episode they wanted to mimic was one of their few hour long episodes, No Time Like the Past. A time traveler named Paul Driscoll tries to stop major events in history from going wrong.

Driscoll tries to evacuate Hiroshima.  The Japanese take one look at this anglo, and throw him in jail.

Driscoll tries to shoot Hitler. He is stopped because an annoying cleaning lady just won't leave him alone, and then becomes suspicious and calls the men in black trench coats on him.

He even tries to stop the Lusitania from being sunk.

At the end of the day, Paul Driscoll says to heck with it all, goes back in time to the old west. He knows a tragedy is about to happen, and tries to stop it ... but by screwing around with events, he is actually the cause of the tragedy.

Okay, great. If a comic book is going to mimic this, then great.  This looks like an interesting idea.  So, what does image comics do?

September 11th, 2001

Okay, I'm cool with that. Load up enough images on an iPad, iPhone, what have you, and bring it back in time to show off and persuade people that Bad Things Will Happen.  And, in the Twilight Zone format, people will be more interested in the magic of the future technology than what you're trying to say. I'm hip.

And then ... oh, and then ... I took a look at what they were doing.  It's called .... dramatic pause....

The Big Lie.

About 9-11.

Can you guess where this is going?

If you think into the land of the Illuminati Polka, you guessed right.

I took a look at some of the images.  Fighter planes? Looking like they've taken off and targeting buildings?  We haven't been told everything about 9-11?  Why did the towers fall that way?

We're going back to the tinfoil hat brigade? Really?  We're going to do this?  It's been a decade, people! The towers were struck by planes. We have the footage.

The planes were not flow by remote control, or the Mossad.

We have video of Osama waiting for news of it on the radio, and then hearing about it and laughing.

We have al-Qaeda documents discussing how Osama was actually surprised the towers fell -- because he hadn't taken burning jet fuel into account when hitting the WTC with a plane.

The original designers of the WTC created the building so that it would pancake straight down, instead of toppling over like dominoes.

Just for the people over at Image comics .... I got your conspiracy theories right here.

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