Thursday, June 23, 2011

Music: the Eye of the Storm: Fenton

If you are allergic to strangeness, you might want to play the first video last. If not, play in whatever order you like....

First up....
Eye of the Storm (The Legacy of Aldenata)
Cruxshadows, the Eye of the Storm. They've been mentioned before on this blog. They're a little weird. I'm not sure if they want to be a Goth band when they grow up (to go by their costumes) or if they wanted to write Greek mythology (to go by some of their song content.)

For this song, you can enjoy the eye candy based around the Final Fantasy VII franchise, you can enjoy the music, or both.

If you can, guess where I discovered this song from.....

Next up .... Have you ever gotten annoyed with horror franchises? How they seem endless and they never, ever go away?  Tom Smith takes a whack at it.

And then, the sequel you saw coming.

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