Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Music to Write to: Cruxshadows, Nightwish, and Doctor Who ... sort of.

Yup, another music blog. What do you have to lose?

To start with, as always, there has to be at least one cut from Two Steps from Hell. The title Protectors of the Earth, always makes me think of Doctor Who.

I tripped over this one recently. I had been playing through videos for "This is War" (previous post) and uncovered this tune by accident. I think it works.

 Nightwish isn't a band I use all that often during my writing, though it's got a beat, and you can kill legions of dark forces to it .... Not that writing vampire novels have influenced my writing in any way. Muahahahaha.... Anyway, most of the visuals are taken from video games in the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises.
 And this one is a bit for shock value. Another Dragonforce piece ... I don't listen to them for the lyrics, which read like something from Terry Brooks, but they have some nice tunes, and interesting guitar riffs.
 This is going to be a little weird. I initially followed a Youtube link from "Winterborn" to this song. It was the first time I heard Greek mythology in a song ... like this (don't even ask me to guess what type it's supposed to be). I later heard the opera "Orpheus in the Underworld" .... the Cruxshadows condensed the entire myth in five minutes, and did a better job than an opera could in an hour and a half. Not a bad job.

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