Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Music to Write To: Dragonforce, E Nomine, This is War, and Citadel

Yup, another music blog. Why? Because they're fun.

Two steps from hell.... they do movie trailer music. No, I'm not kidding.

Some things sound cooler in German. Even the Our Father. And, yes, this is the Our Father in German. Go with it. Trust me, what have you got to lose. I even hope to use this for a trailer at some point. The visuals are from a video game called Kingdom Hearts. The song is from a group called E Nomine. The song is called Vater Unser.

An exercise in epic nerdity. This is War by 30 seconds to Mars is a piece I tripped over by accident. I picked this vid from youtube since it has the most Star Wars visuals....

What part of "Nerd" do you not understand? :)

The next one is from the Cruxshadows, a nominally Goth band.  Citadel, by the Cruxshadows ... well, every time you try playing one of their tunes, when in doubt, think Greek mythology. Troy, usually.

This last group is called Dragonforce. Their group is hard to explain. Imagine a song with lyrics by Terry Brooks, played with electric guitars, probably while everyone involved is high on crystal meth.

This one song is called Through the Fire and the Flames. When I first saw this, is was in a John Ringo. novel called Choosers of the Slain. It was a sequence where a helicopter gunship is heading to wreak havoc on an entire mountain filled with terrorist infantry.

Which is why, everytime this piece conclude, I think "And then the mountain blew up."

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