Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Music to Write to: Tom Smith, Halo

Yup, another music blog.  I haven't had any complaints yet.
Tom Smith is a weird fellow who does mostly "filk" music-- pardoy songs you hear at science fiction and comic book conventions. Filk started as a misprint in a pamphlet -- the intended target being "folk" music. But, as the I is right next to the O key, there was a misfire. It's never been corrected.
And so ... Tom Smith: I want to be Peter Lorre

Halo: On a Pale Horse... I think the title explains this one.

The visuals from this one are from the Halo video games.
As I said before, I listen to Dragonforce for the guitar, not necessarily for the lyrics.

Cruxshadows; Dragonfly. This one will be a little weird. While the imagery is nice, I suspect I'll have to google it in order to make any sense out of it. Right now, I'll lay money on Greek mythology, but that's just a guess.

However, I don't have to think about the music while I"m writing.

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