Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week-In-Review 7-23-11

Well, this week has been interesting.

The week started with Killing Captain America ... again! Those bastards.  Let's just say that I expect a movie tie-in is at work.

The music blog was all about flying cars and Babylon 5.  You'll see.

I also did a nice little article over at about martial arts and childhood obesity.  I'm told it's quite good.


This was the day I learned the good Muslims can't be good Americans ... well, if you believe one army private. I don't, but what can you do?

It also came the same day that Hollywood once again has proven to me that if I ever do a film on A Pius Man, I'm going to take the money and run very, very far.

And music blog for the day was Harry Potter, Pirates, and Mass Effect. Long story.


The music of the day was taken from the soundtrack of Mass Effect.  Enjoy  It's really rather neat.


The day that, once again, all my irritation of politics is justified, as someone at tries to examine the Politics of Captain America.

A note o n this one: The author of the article tripped over my blog post, and insists that the whole "fiscal policy of Captain America was all tongue-in-cheek."  Read it yourself. See what you think.

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