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Author Review: John Ringo, Final round ... The Epics. (Free Books.)

This is the last post for looking at the posts of John Ringo. These are also the last of the free novels I can find online for Ringo.  If you're tired of reading about Ringo, don't worry, I'm tired of writing about him.  Trust me, the books are more interesting to read than they are to write about.

So, one last time, here we go....

Into the Looking Glass (Looking Glass, Book 1)

Into the Looking Glass--- the other book that got me interested in Ringo in the first place. Military stuff and advanced physics. Aliens are coming through portals called “looking glasses”, and they all want to take over the Earth.

Vorpal Blade -- we have a spaceship. We have a crew.  It's now time to explore strange world worlds, seek out new hostile alien life forms, and send them straight to hell.

Other books in this series are Manxome Foe and Claws that Catch. And, yes, we have a pattern in Lewis Carroll.

In case you're wondering, when I said that John Ringo is using advanced physics in his novels, I mean it.  After Into the Looking Glass, he has a co-author, Travis S. Taylor, who used to be his adviser on physics, and had to be the co-author.

This leads to ...

Von Neumann's WarRobots have been sent out into space to colonize worlds for another species as they expand throughout space. It's a nice, neat, simple way to colonize.  As soon as the alien life arrive on their new planets, worlds are all ready for them.

Nothing personal, no problems....

Until they come to colonize Earth.  And these robots are not programmed to avoid planets with life on it.  And, now, the entire human race has to fight a fleet of robotic colony growers.  Humans can fight with anything at their disposal ....

Except metal.

The Posleen War.

Ringo's first series, which makes Gone with the Wind look like a bad television episode. There are alien cannibalistic mongol hordes who will soon have Earth on the list, and the technology to stop them are in the possession of the Darhel, aliens who can't defend themselves (like the French).

The Darhel have the technology.  The humans have the will and the ability to use it.

But what happens when the Darhel decide that they don't want to share the universe with the humans, after the Posleen are dealt with.

The original "trilogy" (book three interrupted by 9-11).....

A Hymn Before Battle (Posleen War Series #1)
A Hymn Before Battle.
Gust Front
When the Devil Dances
Hell's Faire

Now, there are two other books, written with Thomas Kratman, that cover the same time period, but different parts of the war against the Posleen.

Watch on the Rhine—the war in Germany.
Yellow Eyes –the war in South America.

After the initial war, the battle isn't over.  There's still the Darhel to face, and the Darhel don't play by any rules they can't break.

Cally's War (Posleen War Series #4)Cally's War
Sister Time.
Honor of the Clan
Eye of the Storm

That's it. It's over. I'm going to take a nap now.

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