Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Videos of A Pius Man

Thus far, anyway.

I was wandering through the video section of the APM Facebook page, and I realized that I haven't done a video trailer for ... a while.

If you're relatively new, you've probably never seen any of the trailers.  Unless you're really diligent in spelunking through the FB page, then you've probably come across them.

This is where I've collected the ones done thus far.

This wasn't the first one, but it was a remodeled version of it. I cleaned up the typeface a little, and I think the visuals are spliced together better.

The images are obviously not done by me. Anyone who's found the Vatican Ninja images I've done will notice that.  They're from a lot of books that take one side of the Pope Pius XII argument, such as it is. And, just maybe, a Dan Brown novel.

I'm subtle like that.

And then, then there were the character trailers.
[More below the break]

You can't believe how much I had to go through to get this ready.

First, I had to get a model for Murphy -- superficially, an utterly pale, colorless person, who couldn't even handle a gun.  There's no one like that ... at least, no one I know.

Solution: use myself, preferably in a way that will cover most of my features.

This became a problem when I tried using my own body for a corpse. Apparently, if I'm not covered in lots of padding, I'm quite obvious.

The solution?  GCI a chalk outline and crime scene markers. No body, no problem.  Take some voicework from Matthew Funtime (who volunteered), and some music from the Tom Clancy came Rainbow Six, and we're off to the races.

So, now what?

It's amazing what a little Mozart and some visuals can do, isn't it?  Take that, and a friend who speaks with an Italian accent, and you're golden .....


I did another modification on the first trailer, the only difference is that I used the music from the video game Halo.  I think it makes a nice change

Next ... I have no idea.  Still trying to figure that part out. I might need stunt people.

Be well all, see you next week.

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