Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Top ten blog posts, January 2012

It seems that every two months, my blog top ten changes.

These are the top ten all time best blogs, as of now.

1. Sex, DC Comics, and ... wtf?  You remember this, right? It seems everyone has read it, probably twice. It was a study of DC Comics and their mistreatment of two of their better female characters. It includes, sex, sex, and more sex. And writing.  And this post is only four months old.

2  Disasters to Marvel At: A Comic Discussion.  One of the longest-running posts on this list (Nov 8, 2010), and constantly in the top ten, this was a brief look at the past five to six years of Marvel Comics' history of absolute garbage.

3. Music: the Eye of the Storm: Fenton  This is a bit of a surprise. One part Cruxshadows, and one part killer sheep, this has only been up since June 23, 2011 -- when I was going a little nutty on posting everything at once.

4 .Two steps from Hell, Bermuda Triangle  This is also the same as number three, only with sea monsters, and awesome action music .... and, it was posted three days before #3

5. Characters answering surveys: Manana Shushurin  A little bit of humor goes a long, long way, doesn't it?  This was posted the day after the Sex and DC Comics post.

6. Top Ten Blog Posts, November, 2011. Yes, a top ten list has made the top ten list. Who knew?

7. Mr Phelps, You Are Disavowed… This was the first time I went after one Mr. Phelps.  This is one man who got disavowed hard.  From Dec 13, 2010

8. Evil Religions 2: Baby-raping Catholic Priests.  There's a funny story about this one.  It's been slightly modified from the original May 30, 2011 Lent edition.

9. The Pirate King, a Story of Sean A.P. Ryan. I think there was something about destroying Somali pirates that appealed to everyone online.  It's been popular since Nov 25, 2010

10. Music Blog: Rich Fantasy Lives, & My Spirit Will Go On... Proving once again that Tom Smith will be really popular, you have an ode to every Scifi and Fantasy Nerd who ever lived, as well as awesome hard rock from Dragonforce.  From Jul 13, 2011 

Be well all.

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