Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life gets strange: Mass Effect, Girlfriends, and a new business.

I've had some stuff happen in my life lately.  It's not necessarily good, or bad, but comes under the heading of "Stuff Happens."

I have a job.  I have a girlfriend. And I have an Xbox 360, and I don't know what's more destructive to my blog productivity. :)

My job is actually my new business. No, this blog isn't the only thing I'm doing right now. Waiting for the publishing industry to stop being beaten up by the economy is not my idea of productivity.  However, people always use, and need cheaper electricity, so, it should be fun.  Anyone who wants to know about my job, or start their own business from home, can click here.  Anyone who wants to look at the services provided, click here.

And, of course, I'm still writing two columns for -- self defense and Catholicism 101.  So, my life is busy.

Now that that's out of the way....

My Xbox 360 was a gift from someone who got his for free (something about a laptop purchase). I had been collecting Gamestop gift cards for a while, with the goal of buying a console. However, since the world landed a 360 in my lap, I went out and got a few games.

I started with the Mass Effect franchise. I may climb out of it in another two or three months, when I'm done with the various and sundry ways of saving / destroying the universe.

Mass Effect is a sprawling video game, where personalities impact the story more and more as you play along. The basic premise is standard for a Doctor Who episode: one character has to stop the all life in the entire universe from being killed.  It's even spawned a few novels.

Now, tell me that this trailer isn't more epic than the last three Star Wars films. Which, granted, isn't hard, but you get the idea.  It even has some good voice acting from "real" actors, like Keith DavidSeth Green, Martin Sheen, Lance Henriksen, Marina Sirtis  Dwight Schultz ..... I'm going to stop there

That's one corner of my life. On the other, I have a short-term relationship in progress ... yes, I went into a relationship with an expiration date. So sue me.  And, she needed to find a new place to live, closer to her place of business.  Her place of business is five minutes from my house. Her new place of residence is four doors down.

So, my life has gotten more interesting lately.  There may be some delay here and there because of that.

But, I'm hoping it won't be too bad.

Be well everyone. I'll see you next week, where we have the return of Karina Fabian

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