Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sorry about that

So, yesterday was sort of shot up.

Ie: I didn't get around to posting anything.

As mentioned last week, life has been a little hectic. I've gone from posting once a week, to once or twice a day, to only three times a week, and now I can't seem to keep that up.

If you all forgive me, it's been a rough year.

One of my best friends threw me under a bus (well, that's the short version), another one who I knew for a dozen years had a temper tantrum because I wasn't in lock step with her about what she does to herself, I've gotten a girlfriend, was dumped, and made up.

My agent won't get back to me, another publisher has me on hold until at least May, if not June, and I've got a new job that requires me to have easily 500% more contact with human beings on a regular basis than I used to.

While this may all sound like complaining, I assure you, it's not.  All I'm saying is that, if I miss a day here or there, between Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, there's more likely than not a good reason for it.

It's been a rough freaking year.

I hope to do better.

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