Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catholic writer's organization workshop in review: Fighting and Writing.

Back in March, I did a little work with a writer's conference. The Catholic Writer's Organization. I mentioned this before, but, well, there is a story behind it. The moral? Never volunteer. :)

No, seriously, I told Karina Fabian (search the blog for previous references) that I would only be good for talking about villains and fighting. She said great, when could I be put down for?

Anyway.... so, here it is, in one, easy to find package.

To Start with, a little introduction, filled with required readings and other useful handouts.

Fighting and your world: Let's face it, all worlds have cultural rules about violence. You have to think about that.

Setting the chessboard: Fights don't happen in a vacuum. Before the fight even starts, the stage has to be set in your brain before it can start on paper.

Writing fight technique. Knowing technical skill is one thing. Writing it down is another.

Guns in fighting: there are millions of weapons out there. Guns are used like magic weapons. Time to de-spell them.

Military fight scenes: When you absolutely, positively, must have something destroyed overnight.

Be well all.

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