Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"It Was Only On Stun!" A brief review.

How did I get to It Was Only On Stun! you ask?  Here's how.

I'm Getting Published. ~ My announcement, and why, after years of sweating A Pius Man, I went and self-published something completely different. Answer: prequel, and "test run."

So, now what?  How this blog, and you, faithful audience, influenced the book.

What Happened to A Pius Man? A more thorough answer to what happened with the novel.  Originally written in answer to a member of the Catholic writer's Guild who asked why I was self publishing at all.

Marketing Concerns and Self Publishing -- I've published my own book, but how am I going to get it out there?

Cover Art, Graphics, and Slowly Going Blind. -- Doing your own cover design.

Forget Sparta. I! AM! PUBLISHED!!!!!  I was officially published on July 4th, 2012. Let freedom ring. I waited for blog post #300 to get sappy.

Trailers for "IT WAS ONLY ON STUN!" ~ My new trailers. I think you'll like them. They're funny.

Pricing, Royalties, and It Was Only On Stun! How I make money.  Though I should note, as of now, Amazon.com is having a price drop on my book, so it's cheaper than it is posted there.

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