Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Music blog: Game to Play the Game (of Thrones)

There have been some technical difficulties with the blog lately.  And some other odd stuff in my life.

To start with, I have a job. A real job, with office hours and everything. NYU-Polytech needs someone for their communications department, and I've been freelancing as an editor, content provider, pick a position, I've filled it once already.  I think the term is "utility player."

Oh, and I've been fired from Examiner.com.  Apparently, if you tell the truth about the company in a public space, they take offense. Who knew?  So, if you go looking for my Catholic or self defense articles, they've all been removed. They went after me with prejudice ... okay, and I mouthed off at someone leaving me a comment. Between explaining the pay scale (ie: pay peanuts, you get monkeys) and telling some whining little schlub that he should perform an anatomically impossible act, I was basically fired for "behavior unbecoming an Examiner." Which just proves that they don't pay attention to anything anyone reads unless it's complaining about the company.

Meh.  I lost a $25 a month job, and replaced it with a $25 an hour one.  I think I'll live.

And so, while you (and my life) are put on hold this week, enjoy some music. This is Peter Hollens and Lindsey Stirling performing the main theme to the tv show Game of Thrones.

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