Monday, February 4, 2013

We're back. Updates, and Vlogging

Happy New Year.

It's February, but Happy New Year.

Yes, I was too lazy to come back until right now.  It's been a hell of a year thus far, and it's only one month down.

Anyway, I'm starting a vlog to mark my progress on self publishing A Pius Man.  Yes, you heard it here, we're being published.

What's that you ask? Wasn't there a deal going on with Chesterton Press, sort of?  Well, that's still in the works, the publication date is a ways off, and if the Chesterton thing works out, I'll just have to monitor the day by day of getting it published "for real."  If it doesn't work out, we proceed full speed ahead. For once, it's a matter of heads I win, and tails don't matter.

We'll see what happens, shall we?

Anyway, for the moment, enjoy....

And understand why I will never read my books on audio. Ever.

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