Monday, May 13, 2013

FREE BOOKS! FREE BOOKS! (did I mention free books?)

Yes, every Friday this month, you can get A Pius Man, A Holy Thriller, written by me, Declan Finn, for free, on your Kindle. 

It has history. It has explosions. It has death, doom, destruction, love, faith, and an armored SUV rolling down the Spanish steps, and the most kick ass pontiff since Julius III (who was almost more warlord than religious figure).

You can take your Dan Brown, your limp and lame killer-albino-monk assassins, and throw them to the bottom of the Marianas trench.  A Pius Man has everything short of an RPG shooting through St. Peter's, and that's because I'm saving it for the next book.

However, in the event that you do take the book for your Kindle, would you kindly leave a review on Preferably a 5-star review?

For those of my long time readers who are confused by this particular message, and why this sounds so manic, I'm at the point of a media blitz where I'm the one who's blitzed.

I may be posting a special vlog tomorrow.  I'll let you know.


  1. If readers are slow to post book reviews, it may not be that they're ingrates (receiving a free review copy) but are buried alive in other books to review, or { shudder } would rather say nothing at all than say something negative. I just lost a friend of 3 years when I posted a critique (not a published review!) to a small writer's group saying the novel is brilliant but the ending was off.

    1. I didn't even consider "ingrates" as an option. Saying that I'm wound too tight right now is an understatement.


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