Monday, May 27, 2013

Music blog: Epic FPS, meet Epic Violin girl

Music blogs -- the haven of the lazy blogger.  Originally, this was "music I write to."  Though there are days that it looks more like "music authors in general write to" (usually John Ringo).

Before we begin this one, however, I should note that I have a Catholic Writer's Guild acquaintance who has a new blog up. It's about classic literature. Anyone want to welcome her into the blogosphere?

Now, as for todays music -- Lindsay Sterling does Halo. Part 1.  Enjoy!  You don't have to watch this one, you can just listen... while reading Mary's blog.  :)



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  1. I really love Lindsay Sterling's performances, especially bearing in mind their connection with other... popular culture :)
    But another source of music that really like is
    They have some really neat cello and violin solo pieces and duets too :)


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