Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Redemption in Death -- Christianity in fiction action.

Yes, I stole the title theme from a JD Robb series, if not a straight title rip-off.

Today isn't really a blog post, but a notification or two.  More like a blog posting board.

First of all -- you can get A Pius Man on Kindle for free every Friday this month.  No, free.  Honest.  Just do me a favor, and please pound out a quick, 5-star review on my Amazon.com page, here.  4 stars are also nice. I'll even take 3.

Yes, I'm desperate.  I'm at the part of a media blitz where I'm the one who's blitzed.

Next, Karina Fabian is still doing her blog tour for her latest Dragon Eye novella. So, go take a look at the lat two days.

Third and finally: I've written a guest post for the blog Catholic Once Again.  Which sounds like an Irish rebel song I heard once or a hundred times.  It's about redemption in fiction -- and not just for bad guys.

Because when my heroes go bad, they go really, really bad.

I'm going to go back to editing A Pius Legacy.  Enjoy.

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