Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today's angry rant has been postponed.

Before I begin, A Pius Man is free on Kindle every Friday this month. I only ask if you take a copy, you leave the most positive review you can when you're done.

I was going to schedule my first "Angry Review" vlog todag -- a concept inspired by the "Angry Joe" video game reviews on Youtube. In commemoration of Dan Brown's release Inferno, I was going to do a filmed version of my Da Vinci Code review, which I did for this blog, and which I toned down for Examiner.com.

However, I've noticed something lately; I'm too tightly wound, frustrated, angry, and on the verge of full- blown insanity.  Don't get be wrong, the books are selling well enough, sorta.  Codename: Winterborn is actually selling better than A Pius Man.  They've sold more than It Was Only On Stun! (remember that? No one else does either)

But I'm exhausted.  I said yesterday that I was on the point of "media blitz" where I'm the one who's blitzed. What have I done? you ask.  Well....

I've been contacting every conceivable bookstore within New York City, shooting for independent bookstores ... do you know how many of those stores are in New York? And why must I do this? Because Barnes & Noble won't let me in the front door as an author.

I've been posting flyers around my neighborhood, and outside of Barnes and Nobles, so they may not even let me in as a customer.

I've been trying to get quotes from Authors ranging from John Ringo, Vince Flynn, Jeffery Deaver, Lee Child, Douglas Preston, James Patterson, James Rollins and Nelson DeMille. I've heard back from exactly one, and that was Vince Flynn's PR guy giving me a brush off and a middle finger.

I've written Examiner articles on my own books.

I've interviewed with practically everyone who came along. The best interviews thus far being from Stuart West and Daria DiGiovanni (I linked to her review, but you can find the interview easily enough on her site). There was Catholic Fiction,  and Indie Review (twice), and others that won't even be posting for a few months. That doesn't include the guest posts on the "Catholic revenge "novel, and redemption in fiction,

I've been sending out copies in hard copy to anyone I can talk into it -- AND I'VE STILL FORGOTTEN TO SEND ONE TO DARIA, NUTS!!!  (Daria, I've got the books, I just need the mailers, honest).

I've applied for the Catholic Writer's Guild Seal of Approval, which will take at least the rest of May.

My next step is to go to Bostwick Communications and pay them to spam the universe for my novel. We'll see how that goes.  If that goes.

And I've had three -- count 'em, three -- reviews on A Pius Man over at Amazon.com, and two of them because I had to ask for them.  (Not Mr. West, he volunteered)

In case you're wondering, being a writer really is a full time job; but the pay is still commission-based. Unlike a real 9-5 job, the hours can range from 40-80 hours a week, and can cost you more friends than you can imagine. Not to mention having bridges burned while you're still on them.

Right now, I'm just very tired. I think I'm going to plug myself into either a good book, or my Xbox.  It's either that or an electrical socket.

Be well, everyone.

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