Monday, August 12, 2013

PRICE DROPS... and interviews.

So much to discuss, and so little time.

Okay, last week, I went to the Catholic Writer's Guild Conference Live!  Live because 1) Karina Fabian isn't President at the moment, that would make it CWGC Undead, and 2) they have an online conference.  I'll be blogging about that in due course.

 However, something I should note.  Remember, once upon a time, when I talked with Daria Anne DiGiovanni about A Pius Man? You might have remembered my blog interview with her?

If you don't remember the interview, just click here, and follow the instructions, and with luck, everything will work out just fine.

Well, this Tuesday, August 12, at 1PM EST, I will be talking with Madam DiGiovanni about my novel Codename: Winterborn. If you don't remember Winterborn, tune in and we'll see just how much we can bring you up to speed on the whole thing.

Oh, and while I remember, A Pius Man and Codename: Winterborn are both now cheaper on Kindle. Someone pointed out to me that $9.99 is not something that any normal person would pay for a Kindle book.  News to me, I never knew how much a Kindle book cost.

Yes, I'm a Luddite. No, I don't own a Kindle.

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