Monday, December 16, 2013

The Christmas Posts of A Pius Man.

I've done a lot of posts about Christmas in the past. So many, I think any more will be redundant.
Stolen from Karina Fabian

So, a few things.  Let's start with the short story O Little Town of Bethlehem, may nothing you dismay.... even though I have a plot to blow you up. MUAHAHA.

This is followed by an unofficial sequel, my tale Coyote Christmas, a Story by Twitter. The events take place after OLToB, though that's better pointed out in even Coyote Christmas: the full story, written in standard prose, took in a goodly number of readers.  Who knows, I might have stolen someone's title without knowing it -- that would explain why I had a lot of readers looking for "the author of Coyote Christmas" in search terms.

I had some nice music blogs, mostly because of Lindsey Stirling, and her epic violin. Seriously, this woman was awesome.  Not to mention that her Celtic Christmas was beautiful ... oh, and What Child is this?

There was also The Piano Guys Bless ye merry Gentlemen, O Come Emmanuel, Angels we have Heard on High, and I've got one or two others coming.

And Christopher Lee does Christmas songs.

I think that's enough for right  now, don't you?

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