Monday, January 13, 2014

A Pius Legacy

So, back in November, I promised that book two of the Pius trilogy, A Pius Legacy, would be out before Christmas.  Strangely enough, it's not out yet.  If you're wondering why, well, that's a funny story....

Okay, it's not. My beta readers all got tangled up in other business, stalling the publication for weeks. Simple as that. The final proof copy is still being dissected.

So, while killing time, I should probably mention a slight change in format around here.  I've been reliably informed by People Who Know Such Things that the best way to encourage people to buy my books is to get them to like me, engage them (ie: you) as friends.  Which is strange, I've always thought the best way for people to buy my books was to write something they want to read. Oh well, silly me.

Then again, if I were a people person, would I be a writer?

On the other hand, two years ago I had a public meltdown on the blog; by which case, I guess I should be a bestseller. I'd do it again, but I don't have the energy for one of those. If you're utterly confused about the incident, just look in the archives for Valentine's Day, 2012.  You'll either be amused or confused.  You've also see me get emotional over best friends I've never met, praise low tech, and see me go through a girlfriend, a job, and a video game.

My COSTCO grocery shopping
In any case, there will be some occasional changes. For example, I'm going to be doing some more reviews. I will give my personal opinion on more "stuff" in general. I hope not to be too boring, and if I am, I hope you gentle readers will give me what for.  You've already seen an example of my new take with last week's post on the fall tv season.

Soon, you'll be getting a collection of strange thoughts that bounce through my head at regular intervals, including thought experiments with my friends, the occasional excerpt, other things I have cooking up, strange events that happen in my general vicinity, that sort of thing.

But, for the moment, I guess you all get a reprieve from my general strangeness.

Although, if you want to follow something really strange, then may I direct your attention to a piece from US News & World Report, which pretty much looks like "the evil Catholics on the Supreme are working with the nuns and the Bishops to ram religion down your throat."  I would, and could, spend pages upon pages dissecting this stupidity, but Liz Scalia has already done a line by line vivisection of this over at No, I don't know Madam Scalia personally, but Ann Lewis apparently does (For newcomers, Madam Lewis is one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes authors--as good as Conan Doyle).  And Patheos isn't the only ones who've ripped that idiocy apart..... And then, US News & World Distort (as some of my more right-wing friends have called it) decided to double down on their hate crime.

Maybe you haven't noticed, but that sort of crap really pisses me off.

Anyway, have fun with that, and if the blog isn't updated tomorrow, it will be next week.

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