Friday, May 16, 2014

Fall TV? Already?

This must have been an interesting season of television in order for things to have gone so very, very strange. Usually, I don't get commercials for the new fall shows kicking around until August. That includes the mid-season replacements.

And while I liked more than a few shows this season -- and I'll review those a little later -- some of these look like fun. And between Arrow, Flash, Gotham, and Constantine, DC looks like it's going to go toe-to-toe with Marvel on television. You want to place money on who's going to win?

Coming this Fall.


Oh, all right. Then there's the extended version.


This makes up for the poor, Smallville marketing Fox has subjected us to, lately.


It seems that Fox has decided to follow up on limited run series, after the 13-episode run of Sleepy Hollow. I'm only in it for David Tenant.


I could never get into the series. And while I like Statham well enough, I was never his biggest fan. The tv show looks like fun though.

This is a "Winter" release.... Yes, I liked the original tv films.  Yes, I'm such a nerd.

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