Monday, May 12, 2014

The American Journal and Radio Interviews

I was a little lazy last week, in that I didn't post....anything, really.

Okay, I kinda did, just not here.  I was recruited for a news site that wanted people who had no problem taking news columns and commenting on them. The commentary includes sarcasm set to kill, and common sense.

It's also the part where I reveal either my inner nerd, or my inner radical.

I've discussed my politics on this site before. I'm either right-wing or left-wing depending on who you ask, and where the jury is sitting. A Pius Man was such that I've had good reviews on both sides, so the book came off as being fairly neutral. It may help that I'm sort of that I really don't give a crap as to what you do, believe, think or say, as long as you're not screwing around with anyone else. I really don't. I'm too freaking tired to play politics.

Granted, my general attitude is that the gene pool needs a good healthy dose of chlorine. Heck I've got a friend who agrees with my every belief in politics, and I still want to deck him every time he opens his mouth about it.

But, yeah, if you really to see my general frustration with politics, politicians, and the stupidity of the universe, go check out The American Journal.  Today I should have a whole list article on Arrow vs. Agents of SHIELD.

Also, last week included an interview with Daria Anne DiGiovanni, which you can tune into below. You might remember her from previous interviews.

Just to clear up any confusion, the atheist I refer to in the interview is not Matt, the artist who has contributed to the blog. I come across a  lot of people. Train wrecks happen a lot in my life.

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