Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Recipe #1: Seafood Chowder

Someone recently asked what I use for Thanksgiving recipes.  Here's one that is requested quite often.

Seafood chowder

Progresso clam chowder (1 can for two people)  / Campbell's "Chunky" New England Clam chowder (the same)
1 can crab
1 can clams / clam chowder (2 if you really like clams)
1 can tuna / clam chowder
Salmon (I tend to throw in one salmon steak, usually frozen, but canned will work)
Half bag frozen scallops (Costco version)
Half bag frozen shrimp (CostCo version -- cooked, tail-less, and I suggest the salad shrimp)
Rinse clam chowder cans with white wine (as little as possible, it's quite effective)
Garlic powder (enough to cover the top of the pot)
Onion Powder (enough to cover the top of the pot)
Sea Salt (enough to cover the top of the pot)

Throw in all canned items [INCLUDING THE WATER], spices, and white wine, bring to boil.  Throw in each frozen item individually, bringing each to a boil before throwing in the next one.  If you're using frozen salmon, be careful to break it up as your cooking.

Shrimp goes in last, the rest can go in any particular order.

Bring to boil again, and keep going for some extra time.  Allow to simmer if you like (and need to wait for people so show up.)  Serve. Enjoy.

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