Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gamergate and Guest Posts

If you've never heard of Anita Sarkeesian, well, your luck has run out.  I've done a guest post discussing the little cuss over at a friend's blog, but I've been working on my own for a bit now.

I'll keep it short.

Anita has been very big on how video games and video gamers are misogynistic. I'm amused by how her arguments go.

  • If you don't include female characters in your game you're sexist for excluding women.
  • If you include female characters and they are designed as unattractive you're sexist for "denigrating women."
  • If you include female characters and they are designed as attractive you're sexist for "sexualizing women".
See how easy that is?

I'm generally wary of folk, like Sarkeesian, who have a vested interest in conflict. If complete gender/sexual equality were to be realized tomorrow, she'd have no purpose. I think she knows this, so making an honest effort to settle the issue doesn't do her any favors. Really, it seems like she's doing her best to play both sides off one another and keep it going, otherwise the interviews dry up. It's the behavior of a total putz, and I hope she stubs her toe at least once a day.

Sadly, this is just another facet of that total Cluster Foxtrot over GamerGate.  It's a political movement and a journalist corruption scandal rolled into one. Overall, it's totally stupid, and boils down to sneering at Gamers in order to defend against accusations of bias and fraud.

Most of you might remember that I write over at The American Journal. A lot of what I do is political commentary.  And I'm getting sick of it.  Not the writing part, I can do that for days without sleep.  But I'm tired of the politics.  I want every politician to just drop dead and leave the rest of us alone....

Yeah, I know. Merry Christmas, right?

I love Christmas. And I hate political hacks and biased schmucks from sucking the joy out of everything. I don't care if it's Anita Sakessian, Zoe Quinn or Al Sharpton.  It's Christmas time, damnit. Can we stop putting up with these people for a few weeks? Please?

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