Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NEW REVIEW, and Press Release: A Pius Legacy


If you follow the Facebook page, you'll know that I got this really awesome review from Midwest Book Review

A truly riveting read from first page to last, A Pius Man offers a suspense thriller replete with unexpected twists and surprising turns. A deftly crafted novel from beginning to end, A Pius Man certifies author Declan Finn as a master storyteller of immense talent and imagination.
Damn, that makes me sound bad ass.

However, notice ... it's for A Pius Man. Book 1. Which came out in 2013....

Anyway, just for them, I started tinkering with an old press release for A Pius Legacy.  What think ye?

DATE: 2 February 2014

Contact: Declan Finn. #***-***-****

APius Legacy: A Political ThrillerTheology, Geopolitics and Explosions.

In A Pius Man, seven strangers uncovered the truth about the World War II Pope, Pius XII, and lived to tell it. But it was not the only legacy Pius XII left behind. When the church's enemies strike back, the Vatican is under siege, the current Pope is indicted for war crimes, and no one is going to save them. Those who stood against the darkness must join forces once more to make certain that the final legacy of Pius XII does not come to a bloody end.

A Pius Legacy: A Political Thriller picks up where A Pius Man left off. This time, author Declan Finn delves into the modern politics around the Catholic Church. He discusses the lies, the “narratives,” how they were crafted, and how they've been used to slander an inconvenient world religion. Finn attacks everything from myths about the crusades, to Galileo, and even dispelling several myths about Renaissance art.
Again, like with A Pius Man, every historical reference in A Pius Legacy can be footnoted (literally, the first draft had footnotes in it). This time, as Catholicism is put on trial, each piece of history referenced is used as it would be as evidence in a Perry Mason courtroom.

At the end of the day, despite the history-heavy elements of the story, A Pius Legacy reads like a standard political techno-thriller, with courtroom segments out of Earl Stanley Gardner.

ISBN 1483964639

For review copies, appearances or interviews with the author, contact #***-***-****, or DeclanFinnInc@aol.com.

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