Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NEW REVIEW, Guest Posts, and PR for A Pius Stand

I have a new review on Codename Winterborn from the guy who wrote Amy Lynn, Jack July.  He liked it.


While I'm at it, I have posted about "Strong Female Characters" over at the Mad Genius Club ... it was posted last year. Apparently, I'm slow. Yes, it does look like another post I've made about it here.

While I'm at it, I should mention that I'm posting over at Right-Fans, mostly talking about how I got into writing, and how B5 has warped me as a writer.

Also, I started on a press release for A Pius Stand. What think ye?

 DATE: 14 December 2014

Contact: Declan Finn. #***-***-****

A Pius Stand: A Global ThrillerTaking a Final Stand.

A Pius Legacy asked the question: What happens when someone kidnaps the Pope? When you're Sean A.P. Ryan, security consultant, the answer is easy: get him back. And that rescue pissed off…everyone…and the entire United Nations declared war on the hundred-acre Vatican City. When the Pope is threatened by the international community, with no help in sight, what's a Pontiff to do? Run and hide? With offers coming from all over the world, it seems like the best course of action. With fifteen-thousand men from armies all over the world coming to end the Catholic Church, it's a threat not even the Pope's bodyguards could handle. But it's not just about Vatican City. With the Church all over the world in peril, things are not as clear cut for Pope Pius XIII as one might think. With the forces of darkness closing in, Pius, Sean, and the people they love must make a decision that will affect the lives of billions, and threaten all they hold dear. Do they leave the Vatican to their enemies, or stay, and face certain death? Once more, this epic conclusion to The Pius Trilogy continues to mix real history with wholehearted adventure. With everything on the line, and no good outcome, the Pope and his champions must decide to either cut and run, or to make a final stand.

A Pius Stand: A Global Thriller is the final chapter of The Pius Trilogy. What had started as Declan Finn's attempt to counter the lies about the Catholic Church in popular media has culminated in a final battle of Tom Clancy-like proportions.

Unlike the previous books, A Pius Stand is more sprawling and global in character. Finn goes out of his way to show the full ramifications of the book's events, and how they effect everyone in every part of the world. Finn also goes out of his way to show how the world affects the plot. But like the previous novels in the trilogy, Finn uses modern footnotes to show just how possible the events of the book actually are.

A Pius Stand is the last novel in a trilogy that has taken ten years to write, and the final battle will leave readers speechless.

ISBN 1500487376

For review copies, appearances or interviews with the author, contact #***-***-**** or

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