Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Declan Finn on Writing: the Blogs

Wow, it's been a long, long while since I've done this summary. Time to play catchup.

To start with, there was how the book came to be. Including the inspiration, the writing, how to sell a bloody book, as well as the fact that there's a love story in there.

There's another blog on the Mind of the Maker .... better known as "characters are a bastard to control."

There is also, the dreaded question: "Oh, where do you get your ideas from?" This is the answer.

And, I did a two part essay ... one on sex, the other on violence.

I also had one or two issues on other people's writing ... namely Marvel Comics, and their former Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada

And, I had one nice little discussion on blowing up public places. ... In novels, of course.

There's one on writing philosophy in a novel, and one on Conspiracy theories around Catholics.

Then I took a hammer on writing cliche's that just flat out annoy me.

And then there's how to be a cynical romantic.  Oh-ho-ho, have I gotten more so.  And Writing a love story.

Then there's Ten Rules I want Writers to follow. Seriously, are these really that hard?

FAQ: Where do you get your ideas? ... the official title, mentioned above.
Plot or Character? Chicken or Egg?  Self explanatory.

Listening to your characters: Dialogue
Plots within Plots: Subplotting 

A villain versus an antagonist  Yes, there is a difference. I wish people would consider it more.

Making a villain.  One I want more talk of.

Writer's Rules For Villains  Every cliche and making fun of it.

Writer's block  This is a weapon, right?

How to create a character the easy way  My Character generation chart.

Don't Panic: a writer's guide to disaster 

A Writing Rant: Cliches you may have never noticed.  Only three of them. There really should be more.

Building Character: Scott "Mossad" Murphy.

“So, you want to be a writer?” (Apologies to Dr. Who.)  No, it's not for the faint of heart.

An Hour with Jim Butcher -- At DragonCon
All Butcher, All Day, a DragonCon report.
Action / Adventure panel at CWCL  I went to a Catholic writer group.  This is what happened.
DragonCon Report #3: Fightin' and Writing with Ringo
Fightin' and Writin' panel @DragonCon 2014, with John Ringo and Mike ResnickCatholic writer's organization workshop in review: Fighting and Writing.
~Yes, there's a theme to this group.  Fighting and conventions.

And then, sex and politics. Sort of. 
Why are sexist books bestsellers?
SFWA? More like STFU -- women in books
Manly men with brains masculinity in writing.
SFCS -- Strong Female Character Syndrome -- and why it's a double-edged sword.
Shattering Dan Brown - I hate narratives. And here's why.

Why Die Hard is the most perfect movie ever: A Writing Blog
Die Hard is perfect, part 2  A two part writing analysis of the best Christmas movie ever.

Christian Lit and Writing.

THE BOOK.  Some thoughts I have here and there about the book series.
Pius Origins: A Pius Legacy.
Writing "A Pius Legacy"
Taking a stand, for the last time.

And then, some comics.
Disasters to Marvel At: A Comic Discussion.
Sex, DC Comics, and ... wtf?
Dear Forbes, you need some nerds.
The Winter Soldier Bigfoots Agents of SHIELD. It Gets Better.
Who the BLEEP is the Winter Soldier?

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