Monday, February 16, 2015

Reviews, awards, interviews, and other updates

So, first thing's first, I am apparently a right-wing extremist. Yay!

I'm up for an award from the CLFA.  What's the CLFA?

I'll give you three guesses.

Here's the funny part.

By now, everyone knows that A Pius Man is about defending the Catholic church.

A Pius Legacy is putting Christianity itself on trial. 

A Pius Stand takes the war on God wwwwaaaayyyy too literally.

You could see how these could be taken as conservative. And my message in the second two books are heavy on the "LEAVE ME AND MY CHURCH THE F$%K ALONE," so, maybe libertarian? Great, right? Easy, right? Shoe-in.

So, what gets nominated?

Codename: Winterborn.

I don't get it either.

Maybe killing politicians appeals to libertarians, and killing Frenchmen appeals to conservatives?  I dunno.

Anyway, no matter what, vote early, vote often.

Other people on the list include Jack July, Daniella Bova, Ann Margaret Lewis, and Larry Correia.

Yeah, Larry Correia.  I know, I'm screwed, but might as well give a good show.

Let's see, what else?

Oh yes, I got two -- count 'em, two -- of the most kickass reviews ever, from Glenda Bixler, of Book Reader's Heaven.  To start with, she reviewed A Pius Legacy (and, yes, has reviewed A Pius Man).

[Romantic] relationships in the novels are beautifully done, coming forth out of the closeness of those that participated in keeping the Pope and Vatican safe. 
Yes, I'm a romantic. Who knew?
Got to say that this Trilogy, with not only a historical bag of facts, merged with today's "possibilities" is just about the most imaginative thriller that I've read.
This superb second novel picks up from the first and then is concluded in A Pius Stand. This 3-b00k story is magnificent in scope and represents all that is wrong with this world when religion becomes the basis for man against man...
I recommend you plan reading them one right after the other for the full effect!
Obviously, she didn't think it sucked.

She also reviewed book three, A Pius Stand: A Global Thriller.
“A life-altering experience... Until I read Declan Finn's A Pius Stand... I would never have supported going to war...again...Now I would join the army...
….The majority of the final book has to be the single, best, holy war, that was ever fought!
….But most of all, the cast of characters will absolutely blow your mind!"
Yippie kay yay. I think she liked it.

CatholicFiction posted my response on their website.  With some language cleaned up.

I think I made my point.  Check out the Novel Ninja for the full picture.

Let's see... oh, and I did my impersonation of a right-wing psycho on a radio show the other day. Then again, the crankier I am, the more right-wing I tend to me.  Coincidence?  Maybe. Though I did manage to bring up some nice talking points that involved the Pius trilogy.  

When in doubt, ask for more ad space. :)

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