Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sword Saturday, with @Katsuni and Lucy

This has got some great dancing.  Quite elegant. The guy is the stunt man/ coordinator on films like Lucy. The woman is Celine Tran, who is a French actress who specialized in adult content under the name Katsuni ...

Yes, a fancy way of saying she was in porn (retired). I gotta tell you, with swordplay like this, I really don't care. This is some nifty dancing.  Why do I bring it up?  Because if I don't, someone else will in the comments. I just got here first. Now, just watch the video, it's awesome.


  1. That was fun to watch. I am new here and just looking around. Liking what I see so far. Cheers.

    1. Welcome aboard. Have a lookt around, mi blog e su blog

      .... Yes, I took Italian, so that probably made little sense.


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