Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nerd News roundup, Star Wars, Daredevil, Ants, Batman, and Puppies

Enough Sad Puppies for this minute. Well, at least the depressing parts.

Peter David has commented on the Hugos, and said, "Eh. Whatever."

You saw J. Michael Straczynski's comment the other day, which boiled down to "Either put up or shut up, Hugos."

Now, for a little bit of awesome.


I've finished watching Daredevil. It is still awesome. Vincent D'Onofrio, when he's sane, can do whatever acting gig he wants. His Wilson Fisk was sympathetic and terrifying. Carlie Cox was suave and funny as Matt Murdock.  And Foggy Nelson nearly stole the series -- which is a toss-up between Foggy and Murdock's priest for who stole the most screen time.

And even though they didn't have the standard "after the credits" tag, they had one mid-season tag (the episode called simply "Stick"), hinting at a grander story arc here, probably involving the magical/ninja/Yakuza known as the Hand. It will be interesting to see what else pops up over the next three series Marvel has planned.

For the record, the best exchange? "You took Spanish in college just to get near that Greek Chick.  Whatever happened with her anyway?"   "Oh, it didn't go well."

I see this being very interesting in the long run. Though if there's another Daredevil series, they may or may not do Elektra, assuming that the Jennifer Garner role didn't blow it.

Did anything else happen this week?

Oh yeah, CUE THE MUSIC.  Star Wars has returned!

The force is strong with this family.  It looks very badass, from the crashed Star Destroyer in the desert to the tense (but not over the top) action and special effects. The X-Wings look like standard dogfighting photography.  And, if I'm reading their implications right, they're going to follow up on Leia as having the force.

The graphics look great. The production values and costumes look great. And is anyone else going to complain about grizzled Han Solo?

But I'm with the Novel Ninja, I want my Grand Admiral Thrawn (or Timothy Zahn's, depending)

Then we have: Even MORE Star Wars. For the record, this is a video game. Ignoring the people (who move a little awkwardly), I have problems telling this apart from live action.

Congratulations, we no longer need actors. Especially if they're directed by George Lucas.

.... Versus Superman.

My reaction is very "eh."

First of all, there are waaaayyy too many people kneeing before Superman....

And, seriously, they didn't keep the line KNEEL BEFORE ZOD in Man of Steel, but they're having people kneel before Superman?  Really?  I know that people comment that DC heroes look like god, but this is a little heavy handed. Very heavy handed, really.

Enter Batfleck. I'll give them points for the costume straight out of Frank Miller's The Dark knight Returns, meets Iron Man, but aside from that ... also, if they were going to skip the idea of Batman changing his voice, couldn't they have gotten the voice of The Animated Series Batman to do it? Just asking.

Sigh. I'm not impressed just yet.

Also, did you note who's doing the voiceover once the soundbites stop?  I believe that's Jeremy Irons. As Alfred.  Yes. Really. He's going to be the most terrifying Alfred ever.

I like the Batwing and the batmobile, though. And I liked Henry Caville last time, so worst case scenario, I'm hopeful he can save it.

And I finished watching the netflix Daredevil this week. Batfleck is not on my good side right now.

Oh, and of course, Marvel can't go a week without topping everyone else.

Enter: Ant Man.

I like it. It's quirky, there's definitely a Guardians of the Galaxy feel here. From from the comic deflation, to the the epic nature of one-on-one fighting to the goofiness of using Thomas the train engine as a weapon.

You know what? It just looks fun.


  1. Hmm... I already know Spanish. Original variant.

    Now... we're can I find Mrs. Natchios?

    Take care.

    1. I suspect that's the next season... in 2017, probably?

      They're going to be four Netflix shows, then The Defenders as #5, so late 2017 is maybe the next DD show.


    Yay, season 2!


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