Friday, May 15, 2015

Best comics of the web, 2015

It's been a long, long while since I've done one of these.  Since my last one in 2012, some of the original list-- while still good -- are finished. Some have run their course, some have had their authors move on to other things.

Some of my suggestions.

Schlock Mercenary: This is a new entry on the list, first suggested to me by novel ninja Matthew Bowman (Yes, he of the Lego house and Mad Max wheelchair).  This comic about a band of roving space mercenaries looking for a semi-honest paycheck, and saving the world a lot more often then they'd expect.  Look for the Longshoreman of the Apocalypse, the killer Teddy Bear who thinks he's the HAL-9000, and meet the resident mad scientist.  And read their Maxims, you'll thank me later.

Evil-Inc: Imagine if super-villains ran their own corporation in a world that deals with outsourcing for both DC and Marvel. They make fun of comic book death, working with the enemy, sleeping with the enemy, and spandex.  Lots and lots of spandex.

MegaTokyo: A Manga-art style mixed with odd relationship and action scenarios.  It's a little strange ... okay, it's a LOT strange ... but otherwise worth it.  When two Americans are trapped in Japan by their own stupidity, they find love, ninjas, and Kaiju. No, I'm not joking.

Day By Day: a political cartoon for those who are generally fed up with politics as usual.  Good for those of either side of the aisle, really, but basically right-leaning.  And R-rated, for, of all things, nudity. Yeah. I can't make that one up.

Questionable Content: A little left-leaning at times, but filled with humor about practically every subgenre of the culture, and music, complete with strange anthropomorphic robots.  Right now, it's at a phase of "Hey! Jokes about relationship drama!" It's still funny, despite that.

C+A+D on Spartans
Girl Genius: A straight-up epic fantasy story.  If you've ever heard of steampunk, you have the idea .... oh, and there's plenty of basic politics (of the fantasy world, not of this one), pirates, steam-driven killer robots, and death rays galore.

Ctrl+Atl+Del: This is another unexpected one.  While it is centered around video games and the gamers who play them, there are some unexpected plotlines that are quite stellar .... just keep your eye on the penguin.

Order of the Stick: A very strange comic, drawn in ... stick figure format?  Believe it or not, the artwork aside, it's very standard "bring everyone together to stop the end of the world" fantasy storyline, with a lot of side stories, unexpected character development, and .... oh, yeah, it's within a world completely ruled by the rules for role playing games.

PhD Comics: for anyone who's ever been to graduate school. Just trust me on this one.


Giving them the kiss off.
The-Gutters ... it stopped being funny. Then it stopped. It became SO not-funny, I won't even post a link to their decaying corpse of a web page.

Crimson Dark .... the artist got a job with -- I think -- George Lucas. He may return to it at some point. I really hope so. Because I think he still has work to do.

Dominic Deegan ... it ended in a full-out, Lord of the Rings-level blaze of glory.  The writer / artist behind it (known as Mookie) has moved on to another project.  Sadly, I was never able to make it past the first page of the new comic.

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