Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fall television is here -- already


Fall television is here ... in fact, SPRING television is here. 2016 already has trailers.

First up .... Lucifer?

Yes, you saw that correctly, this is a real thing. Lucifer is bored with running Hell, so he moved to LA. How he can tell the difference is beyond me.

Anyway, Lucifer is also fed up with vice directly affecting those around him, so he's going to help the LAPD.

I'm not sure if this is inspired or a train wreck in the making. The side of my that likes bright shiny things is going "How many in-jokes and references to Dante can they make?" The side of me that has a degree in Catholic philosophy is going "My brain hurts, precious."

Apparently, this is based off of a comic book. Which just goes to show that comics are even stranger than you ever thought they might be.

However, two things. 1) I have no problem with him being vaguely British. 2) Why is Sympathy for the Devil not playing over this trailer?


First of all, if the actress looks familiar, picture her with long hair. With battle armor.  And a Valkyrie.  Yes, this is lady Sif from the Marvel movie universe, Jamie Alexander. I guess somebody saw her on Agents of SHIELD and said "She looks good on tv .... and she stole the episodes. We can forgive the petty larceny."

However, someone covered in tattoos, each of them telling a story. There's a part of my brain that's saying "Wasn't this The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury?"

While I find the premise intriguing enough to give it a go, my gut reaction is "This is going to go the route of Lost, isn't it?"

Then there's The Player.

My first thought is "Wasn't this a satiric Tim Robbins movie about a Hollywood producer?"

My second thought is "Why is Wesley Snipes employed on television? Did the IRS really nail him for that much?"

Theoretically? This could be fun.

Realistically? I'll see what it's opposite of before I invest.

Also .... more pre-crime stuff? Curse you, Person of Interest, for starting everyone on this again!

Speaking of pre-crime.

Minority Report.

Yeah, so this happened.

Item the first, bad things happened to the last sci-fi cop show on television, just saying.

Second ... I don't know.  While I didn't hate the Tom Cruise film, it wasn't exactly inspiring. After all, it was Tom Cruise. The story of what happens next with the three psychics from the film is an interesting way to extend the storyline into a tv show. But, um, problem: in the film, he was one of the two weaker psychics, so some of his predictions were undoubtedly wrong. I suppose they'd exploit this so they could have an entire episode, but that's the sort of thing I'm not sure the average homicide cop would want to consider.

And I say again: more stopping crime before it happens? Really? Again, see Person of Interest. There are only so many ways you can resurrect a premise.

Speaking of resurrection.

The Frankenstein Code

Many moons ago, I had heard that Dean Koontz's Frankenstein material was going to be made into a film.  But then book 3 took forever to come out, it was clear that it wasn't going to be as good with Koontz alone writing it, it became several more books that I wasn't interested in, etc. 

And now this.  This premise is less Frankenstein and more Now and Again, which introduced me to Eric Close and Dennis Haysbert.  But back then, it was created by the same nutcase who brought you Moonlighting, and Medium. This?  The only name connected to it is Howard Gordon, who hasn't done much since 24 that I like (seriously, who watches Homeland?). Though I note that Gordon has found another way of keeping a hero on a clock (the 1:53 mark).

The one actor in the trailer is Tim McKay of White Collar, and I can't see him as a regular. Other than that, the actors all seem to be pretty little nothings who are so generic they could have been the starting cast for Agents of SHIELD. The lead actor's credits are so thin I could use them for tissue paper.

I'll give it a shot.  Depending on how the pilot goes, it may be two shots -- one to each kneecap.


Yeah, so this is odd.

We've got yet another Medical Examiner as detective program.  Unlike Forever, where an immortal was the lead, we've got a lead who may drop dead to cap the show. And we're going to do it in Dexter territory...with, apparently, clips from the Dexter soundtrack.  Oh yay.

I'm not thrilled, but you know what? I'll give it a shot. Because I like detective show, and I grew up around medical people. It'll still probably suck, but why not?

And, finally, Scream Queens

A kill-of-the-week series that looks like it's Scream meets Legally Blonde.  Of course, it has to have Jamie Lee Curtis (scream queen, daughter of a scream queen).  I'll give it an episode, just to see Curtis back at work.

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