Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Radio Career has Begun! Really, this time

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So, this happened.

Yes, I seem to say that a lot.

Welcome to the premiere episode of The Catholic Geek, starring the Novel Ninja, and Lori Janeski. With a host who was relatively irrelevant, except that he just kept talking for the first fifteen minutes in the hope that he could monologue; some idiot named Declan Finn.

Yes, I'm hosting a radio show. Fun fun fun.

Blog talk radio is relatively easy to work with, and nothing went kablooey.... yes, it's a word, I looked it up.

Anyway. I think we did well. We counted nine comic book shows, went over the attacks on Joss Whedon, Sad Puppies, Daredevil, Pope Francis, Sens8, and anything else we thought we could jam into the show.

Over all, ka'pla. Or kreplach... No, I didn't pass Klingonese. :)

And next week, I do it again. 

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