Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On the Pope: Stop the Stupid

Ever since Pope Francis was elected, I've been told that he's been part of a particular sect called Liberation Theology. It's basically the equivalent of saying that no, the Pope actually isn't Catholic, and that he's going to destory the foundations of the Catholic church.

This week?  I've had that to the tenth power.

I've had to listen to a LOT of bullcrap. For months it's ben "Oh, the Pope is a Godless Commie leftist."  Every other schmuck wants to say the "Sky is Falling!" "Schism!" Death! Doom! Despair! 

And this isn't a political thing, really.  People on the right scream schism. People on the left say "The Pope will bring the downfall of all that's evil about the Catholic church."

What have I been saying?


But no, no one wants to read ANYTHING the Pope says, whole and entire. They want Francis to be a dirty commie bastard and screw you if you say different.  They WANT a schism. They WANT the sky to be falling.

Oh look -- this is what the latest encyclical says.

OH MY GOD, he's linked the value of human life to conservation!  He's talking about the value of human life over other animals! Save the whales AND the baby human. There are men, there are women, and there IS NO OPTION C.  The Pope is talking about the stewardship of God's creation, the need to explore ideas and not shackle science to politics.  He's evening telling people that participation isn't Facebook activism!  Wow.

GASP. It's almost like it's in tune with the encyclicals of past popes! I was promised something DIFFERENT!!!!


Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Enough.

"Oh, the Pope is one of the liberation theology people! He's a Latin American Jesuit! That proves it!"

Oh? Really? Where? How? John Paul II hated Liberation Theology and promoted Francis, so how does this man manage to slip past JPII?  How?  Please, tell me that.  And do it by providing evidence. But no. They can't. They say it's so, and shut up.

I am so freaking DONE with these people, it isn't even funny.

Hell, Larry Correia made a joke about "If you're not happy with the Catholic church being against guns, we'll send some Mormons on bikes your way. We have cookies."  

I damn near leaped down his throat because I've been listening to so much utter bullcrap about Francis, I couldn't even see it as a joke.

Oh, and for the record, THE POPE ISN'T AGAINST GUNS.  Thank you. 

And if you tell me he is, for the love of God, I will stomp on you until the fecal matter that passes for brains come out your ears. 

Yes, I am tired of the stupid. The idiocy.  I am drowning in it.  I am choking on it. The "real" conservatives who know more than I do and are seeing schism everywhere. The "good liberals" who are seeing the Pope put their agenda on the map!

And for the record, the only agenda that Pope Francis is following IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH'S

Screw you, you're both wrong. Now please leave me alone. Or die. Or just go into another room. I have music blogs, go play one. But I am done. 

"Oh, but the Pope is / does / has said / will do --"

I said shut. Up.  I can read. I can also read Italian, which is more than I can say for whoever is translating the Pope in the lamestream media (thanks to Lori for that one).

Everyone who wants to tell me how they're so much smarter than I am, stop it. I will come to my own conclusions in my own time. Thanks.

[EDIT I covered this in more depth on the radio show]

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  1. so..... tell us how you REALLY feel....

    1. It's rush hour....

      There's a reason I could pump out an article called sacred heart of darkness.

  2. Declan, I discovered your blog through sad puppies. I enjoy your stuff. I don't want to talk about the pope. I do, however, want to draw your attention to on Dr. Schellnhuber, who was instrumental in putting together the encyclical and has been given a position under the direct auspice of the Holy See. This man is a doctrinaire Malthusian of the worst sort, openly stating that he is rooting for global warming to wipe out over 6 billion human lives. He also advocates for a one world government. Ostensibly a scientist, he spends all his time politicking with the European radical left elite. He is also an avowed atheist. It is disturbing to see such a man gain influence in the Vatican, and sure you can see how it would be upsetting to those of us who love what the Church is supposed to stand for.

    1. I had this wonderfully well thought out reply, and Google ate it. I freaking hate google.

      This Malthusian can't be as influential as he thinks he is, since the latest encyclical said that humans are as much a part of the ecosystem as anything else, and baby humans should be saved right up there with the whales, and are more important than that.

      Now, keep in mind, I *don't* like Francis' advisers, and I mean the important ones, with "Cardinal" in front of the title. Anyone who claims to be an adviser, or is an "adviser," but is a laymen, assume that they are portrayed to be (or have made themselves out to be) far, far more important than they are.

      But then, so many people are claiming to be Francis' advisers these days, it must look like Woodstock. [Insert Spike at Woodstock joke here] And to be honest, I don't know who Francis listens to. Or if he listens to anyone.

      Thus far, I have yet to see an influence. Francis believes in global warming. That's nice, but I don't see where in the encyclical is says that *I* have to believe it.

      Heck, even the Pope's comments on guns? The Catholic Geeks link says that he meant WMDs. I thought he meant Nicolas Cage in Lord of War, not Glock or Remington. If he meant the latter, his Swiss Guards must be soooo confused right about now.

      And, while I'm not inspired by Francis -- don't even get me started on what annoys me about him -- even if I had no faith in him AT ALL, I have faith in 1) God, and 2) the men of the Vatican installed by JP2 and Benedict. The ecclesiastical ship turns very, very slowly, and it has to turn through a lot of the faithful to get it.

      At the end of the day? He's more headache than heretic.

  3. Replies
    1. You're welcome.
      I do some more ranting here. :)


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