Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Photos of the Catholic Writer's Guild Conference, Live!

Yeah, I had some fun.

Especially when you got to Karina Fabian and her laser cows.  Yes. That happened. Take a look, you'll see how my brain works. Or doesn't.

The following are random things I've found at this conference over the course of three days. Some are shiny. Some are people. Some are shiny people.


Cutesy stuff

Author John Desjarlais with Volunteer coordinator (top minion) Rebecca

Enter: The Novel Ninja, Matt Bowman

Just shiny

A still of the Catholic fiction panel from Monday

More shiny

JD teaching on how to make writing impressive

Room party, with pizza and alcoholic root beer. Yes, we live it up.


  1. Great pics! Somehow I missed these when you posted them, but I'm caught up now. I may have to go to that conference someday (if for the shopping alone)...

    1. Well, it's usually late July. This year, NJ, next year, Chicago, then back to NJ in 2017.

      Yeah, the shopping is shiny as heck.


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