Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Superman! Suicide Squad! Who cares?

A while ago, Kevin Feige, currently running the phases of Marvels' movies, has mentioned that Marvel will never go "GrimDark," like the first Batman vs. Superman trailer.

As he said it, I discovered I had the perfect word for what's happening with my tv shows. Seriously, multiple shows in my TV watching season, some of the better ones, have started going into ... bleak, dark, utterly hopeless crap. I'm really kinda tired of it.

But then came the new trailers over at Comic Con.

I guess the first question to ask is: Why is Kyra Segwick is in this film? Why, God? Why? Superman testifying before a Senate hearing? Batfleck shoehorned into the previous Superman film?
You know, the film Man of Steel felt like someone rewrote the awesome Superman: Earth One comic book by the amazing J. Michael Straczynski.

This feels like someone read the other two volumes and said "Hey, wouldn't it be just great if we crammed Batman into this?"


Oh, and the crap with Mama Kent telling Superman that he doesn't owe the world anything? Can we get any more out of character from the original comic book role?

Good things about this? Um, Lex Luthor seems to be properly evil and monomaniacal, as well as a manipulative prick who's manipulating the whole situation. Which means the whole superhero smackdown will simply be a side show.

Oh, and Gal Gadot no longer seems to look like a toothpick in a Xena costume. She might just pull off being Wonder Woman...except does anyone look BAD during a Zack Snyder fight scene? Though why is Wonder Woman even in a movie introducing the scariest Alfred ever (Jeremy Irons? Really?), the new Batfleck, Lex Luthor, as well as, supposedly, the Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Aquaman, the Flash, and a few people I'm too annoyed to look up right now?

As if it can't get any worse, Deadline reports that comic book writer Geoff Johns is co-writing yet another freaking Batman movie ... with the helf of the new Batman, Ben Affleck. And Batfleck will direct.

Geoff Johns? Yay.

Batfleck? Shoot me now.

Dear Ben: We remember you as Daredevil. Since the Netflix Daredevil has come out, we hate you even more. Sincerely, everyone who has ever loved comic books. Now, go back to getting your head kicked in by Jennifer Garner.

Johns has been producing and writing for The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, so I'm sure anything he does will be great. But there is no Hollywood writer that can protect a script from a director. And while Batfleck has been credited as a good director ... can you say "I have a bad feeling about this?"

Then there was ... this.

So ... what the bloody blue hell was that?

No, really, what the hell, DC?  Suicide Squad?  Really? This, by you, is the big opening gambit to have a fuller DC cinematic universe?

While I can appreciate casting Viola Davis as Amanda Waller (who looks more like the original than the CW version does), was there a reason to have Will Smith at Deadshot? Does Arrow not have a Floyd Lawton already?

Also, we've got a perfectly workable Katana on Arrow, who already has movie experience (she was Wolverine's Japanese schoolgirl sidekick in The Wolverine).

"Oh, but there is going to be a multiverse between the movies and the tv shows."  Uh huh. Isn't that dependent on the TV shows lasting that long, and the movies being at all viable in the long run? I have already been informed that the CW-verse has already been BANNED from fully utilizing Harley Quinn and Nightwing because of other WB arrangements. I just hope they draw the line at this particular mark, because this arrangement turns into death from above.

Also, despite the (highly relative) star power in this film, the person with the most screen time is the one playing Harley Quinn, so why invest in Will Smith? Unless he just really needs the work -- having seen some of his most recent films, I can get that.

Also, while I don't mind the look of the new Joker ... what's he doing in this film? I can't see him on a team, even bad guys dislike him in most DC media. He can't be a world-ending threat (it's the Joker, unless he gets his hands on something like a nuclear bomb, he's not going to destroy the world).

Also: can we please, please please please please please STOP with the endless GrimDark? Seriously, enough already. Arrow already went through this, and I'm tired of it. Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad look like a waste of my time.

Thanks, but no thanks, DC.

It's been obvious since DC first announced their movie schedule that they want all of Marvel's Avenger money without putting in any of Marvel's effort.  None of this has convinced me even the slightest bit otherwise.


  1. I'll probably watch both of these, but I'll wait until video for them. DC has exactly two characters I can get excited about: Batman and Wonder Woman. I'm willing to let Affleck give Batman a shot, mostly because I thought Heath Ledger was an awful choice for The Joker, and he freaking nailed it, so I'll give Ben a shot.

    The fact that they also have him in the Suicide Squad movie annoys me. It's like they're turning Batman into a supporting character, and that isn't good.

    DC must realize that they should never anger a tank. :/

  2. I agree with you about too much grimdark. Flash became one of my favorite shows partly because of its optimism and fun feel. Now if they would spread the light.

    1. Amen, Loyd. Even Arrow went GrimDark there .. you know even THEY figured it out when the last scene was LITERALLY driving off into the sunset.


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