Friday, September 18, 2015

Agents of SHIELD, a roundup

This is every blog done on Agents of SHIELD thus far. Yes, I know I did a roundup in the article the other day, but this is backup, someplace one person can go and say "Okay, let me run the checklist."

By mid-season, I was starting to wonder what the bloody blue Hell is going on on this frigging show!

When Forbes chimed on on the situation, they dismissed "those nitpicking nerds crying over wanting a tie-in show." That's when I took Forbes out to the woodshed and I beat them over the head with their idiocy.

Then I discussed how the show got better after Winter Soldier came out. Because they were allowed to actually have a plot.

Then it ended with Samuel L. Jackson as the deus ex muthaf*&ka himself, Nick Fury.  In short, the last sex episodes were kinda fun.

And I declared that Agents of SHIELD no longer sucked.  Yay! We're doing spy crap on a spy show!. And having comic book characters on a comic book show!  Wow, who would have thought?

Meanwhile, over at The American Journal, I had a conversation about the ten reasons why Arrow beat the ever-loving crap out of AoS.

Later, I tried to tie Agents of SHIELD in with the rest of the MCU, or at least see where it was going.

And I gave it an offhand positive review middle of last season.

And then there was my overall look at season 2 with some thoughts on what I know of season 3.  In short.... it may not suck.  Eventually.

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