Thursday, September 10, 2015

Revenge of Honor At Stake

One thing that I've been noticing lately is that I've gotten a few people who have encouraged me to do sequels to Honor At Stake.

This includes Dawn's little tribute that looks like something out of Misery.

This also includes someone who has suggested manacling me to a desk to get me to write faster.

And other such comments that include murder, maiming, torture, and other variations on "get it done NOW."

Fun fact: Book two is under contract already, and merely awaits editing and publishing. Book three is also written, but not under contract yet, because I kinda have time.

However, Eternal Press will not pick up book two unless book one sells well. Right now, we've got 13 reviews, and they're all good.  Not bad for day 9.

Anyway, I've got two running storylines throughout the quartet.  One is the relationship of Marco and Amanda. I make certain that there is visible progress throughout the books. The other is the threat of book one ... which is a lot bigger than at first glance. Which is pretty much evident by the ending.


Yes. For the record, it's a quartet.  At least for the primary threat. I've been thinking of expanding the series beyond just four.

And, yes, book 4 is half written.

Pardon me. But I"m writing this at midnight. I'm going to fall down in short order for some odd reason. Because apparently, sleep is required for basic human function.  Huh. Who knew?

Short version: books will be coming.


  1. O-kay. Query. Why are you going through a publisher?

    Take care.

    1. Because they pay for the nice shiny cover, and they pay for the professional editing. Neither of which I could pay for on my own. Between living in New York (barely afford to stay, can't afford to move all the crap) and the highly limited sales, shelling out $500 for either service (covers may vary) would eat up a lot of cash.

      I've been self publishing for years. I figure it might make for a nice change.

  2. Heh. You've become a hybrid author ;) And, yes, I knew you self-pubbed

    For whatever's worth, you're the first person ever to make me curious about / willing to visit NYC. My first reaction to most US mainstream "city publicity" (NYC or DC or Chicago or...) is "run for your lives!"

    Take care.

    1. If you ever do come to NYC, item 1: Try not to drive. Especially in Manhattan. Unless you're from Boston, in which case, our drivers will look sane.
      2: Make sure you're doing something in doors between 4:30-6:30 on weekdays. Because everyone's trying to get home and will run over anyone on the sidewalk.
      2a If you want to stop and stare at something (there will be many places for that), make sure your back is against the wall of the nearest building as you look up. You will be run over otherwise. :)
      3. I suggest the Museum of Natural history, and Brooklyn (or Queens) Botanical Garden. Beautiful places. Bryant park isn't bad either. Also, enter central park around W 81 street, head for the castle. If you're here in the summer? Shakespeare in the park. (I saw Patrick Stewart do the Tempest .. dang that was awesome.)

      Be well.

  3. 1. I don't drive. No prob
    2. I assume PM, yes. Te town I sometimes visit in the States gets you a cop interview after 11 pm
    2a. Caltrops. Or kiosks, I suppose.
    3. More interested in neighborhoods than places. Which is why yor book works.

  4. Sorry about typos and ├žacl of farewel. The tablet and blogspot are having a tantrum. Take care

  5. Mr. Finn,
    With regards to your comment about sequels to Honor at Stake, if someone were to ask very nicely, and point out that they could proofread it for you, to help avoid the typos that were in Honor at Stake, could that hypothetical person get a free advance copy of book 2?

    1. Honestly? I'll have to let you know. I've got four people who have asked already. We'll see how long they get through their reads (which would be sequential, not concurrent).

      If there's time, the answer is, Sure, my address is


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