Friday, September 25, 2015

Review: the Player
Wait, hold on -- Wesley Snipes is allowed on television? I thought he was condemned to be doing direct to DVD films for the rest of his natural life. But, I guess that's what happens when the IRS is on ones back.

Anyway, The Player opens with Snipes over a dead body....

And then, time for something completely different. Oh look, a main character, named Alex Kane. More importantly, he can act.

Enter Ex-FBI agent Alex Kane, now a security consultant. He thinks on various levels, is observant, and is a little insane. We have the standard James Bond-like opening to show off Kane's skills -- including jumping off a roof to swing in through a hotel room window in order to foil an assassination.

In short, the opening is very much like Human Target ... another show I miss.

When Kane's ex-wife (who he is still very, very friendly with -- as in showering together with) is murdered, his pursuit and capture of the killer is interrupted by Cassandra King (played by Charity Wakefield). Kane is, of course, accused of the murder, and adopted by a Mr. Johnson (Snipes). Johnson and King run a unique gambling ring where the bored super-rich predict and bet on crime...Because they're not going to always bet on black.

Yes, someone on NBC saw Person of Interest, and decided that they could come up with something similar. But then again, so did Fox and Minority Report.

Now, while I'm all for private enterprise, but this strikes be as a little ridiculous. Snipes didn't exactly help encourage me with this particular ad campaign. And placing bets on crime because it's predicted solely by data analysis? This part of the show is far too much like Person of Interest. As long as this conceit doesn't turn into a plot with a killer AI dueling another one, this may not be a problem. We'll see.

However, the action is tight, Kane is likable, with enough character to show promise. Granted, Snipes is overacting while trying to underplay it, and he's failing miserably ... but Snipes is on for maybe two minutes at a time, so it isn't a drawback.

At the end of the day? It's fun. It's a nice, simple, straightforward action show. Almost 24-ish in nature. I'll be watching it again.

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