Wednesday, October 21, 2015

November 16: Pius Anthologies

Apparently, this didn't want to work the first time. So, round two, fight

So, I mentioned that The Pius Trilogy was going to have short story collections.  Not only would we be doing two 99-cent kindle editions, but also a paperback that will be for, well, as cheap as I can manage it, since it will have both kindle editions in one bound copy.

I also showed off the covers I had designed using the Kindle cover creator.

Yes, I know. They suck

So, the "Guest Puppy," Dawn Witzke (okay, she wasn't a Puppy then, she just wanted to join in on my madness), took one look at them and had the appropriate reaction.

She made new covers.

Yes, the quality of my worked sucked SO MUCH, she felt compelled to fix them.

Yeah, I know, they look so much better already, don't they?

Leading to the bound edition that is, quite simply

And, as the post title says, these will be coming out on November 16, all three of them.

Again, as noted previously, These are stories that aren't ONLY on the blog (and I don't know about you, but find that the Scribd embedded files aren't exactly the best thing ever, and I swear they're getting worse as time goes on), so if you want to buy them, you're not getting a simple collection of freebies.  I refuse to have my longtime fans screwed over.

However, I'll be honest -- a LOT of this has to do with marketing. If more people find me in the 99-cent searches, more people may like my stuff, therefore, more people may start buying the rest of my stuff. Simple as that. I'm actually not even expecting to make money on this.  Given Amazon's pay rates, on a 99-cent kindle, I'm only going to make about 33-cents. Yay.

But, if you're interested, you've been warned.

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  1. Be sure to remind us when they're actually in Amazon Kindle store!


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