Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Revenge of The Pius Trilogy

So, I'll be coming out with three other books this year.

Yup, Three more publications from me. But, instead of more Honor At Stake, this features a return to The Pius Trilogy. Why? Because this trilogy has taken over about a third of my life already, might as well top it off.

However? They're short story collections.

The first is....

Yeah, I know. "Declan, what are you doing? Haven't you already posted these to the blog?"  Well, no, I haven't.  Some stories are new, and some have been expanded. I've also added commentary to them. You didn't think I was just going to merely put a shine onto old material, slap a label on it, and pass it off, did you?

However, the one that I hope to sell a little more is ...

Because everyone likes it when stuff blows up around the holidays.

And, before anyone asks, yes, I'm going to be working on the covers some more.

As for round three, I don't have a cover yet. Why? Because that will be a paperback version of both of them, only in one volume.  Each short story collection above is about 26,000 words each, about half of a full novel, and I'll price it at $.99 each. Why? Because Kindle readers look for the $.99 books, and, well, might as well give them what they're looking for. And, when in doubt, hope that they like these and follow along to the rest of the novels.

Yes, this is me trying to open up my market.

The third item, as noted, will be a paperback that will unite both Kindle books because, well, guess what -- there are people out there that don't read Kindle copies -- the title will be something like Pius Tales.  With luck, the production costs won't be prohibitive.  I expect the paperback to be around $5, but please, don't hold me to it.

For those of you who are wondering about when this will release, I intend to have it up and running and on sale before Thanksgiving. That way you can do your Christmas shopping in short order and get it done in one fell swoop.

Be well all.

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