Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Reviews for Honor At Stake, cont

I've done a few posts here and there for the collected reviews of Honor At Stake, and I figured out that I should probably gather them in one place.   You can buy the book here if you like, and since Jim Butcher came out with his latest book .... please? Pretty please?


I have 19 reviews thus far on Amazon, but there are other reviews on websites.  Gotta catch 'em all.

Yes, Pokeman.  I went there.

I noted one or two reviews I've already excerpted that I got -- one in a private communication, and one was a blurb from Karina Fabian.

Margot St. Aubin took a while to get to me.  But I have her review. There are some minor spoilers in it, but the safe part is
This guy writes about… ahem, real vampires, not the sparkly f**ked up Jar Jar Binks of the vampire world. They are deadly hunters, with vestiges of humanity that make them more frightening.
And yet, it is one of the most powerful love stories I’ve read in a long time. For a wonder, he’s not all angsty and whiny and whatnot.
I especially liked the sparkly Jar Jar line. Yes, she was referring to Twilight.

There was a blog called the Coffee Time Romance and more blog.  It's a frilly pink romance blog. They gave me a five-star review.
This book was so very, very good. I love the characters, especially Marco and Amanda; they were both complex and strong characters .... The action scenes were impressive - I could clearly picture what was happening. Finn’s take on vampires was unique in a genre that can feel flooded with the same kind of character, just with different names. The snark and humor made me laugh, the world-building and well-developed characters held me in awe. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who does not mind violence, a unique take on vampires, and a lot of action with a bit of awkward romance thrown in
The Otherwhere Gazette called it a "Gripping Read."
Mr. Finn delivers one of, if not the most unique and plausible explanations of the vampire mythos that I have ever read. The plot is interesting and engaging, with more twists and turns than the New York City neighborhoods and trains that the tale winds through. This is not a story where you can read a quarter of the way in and figure out how it will play out, which can happen all too often in urban fantasy. The main characters are both well developed and believable and the budding relationship works despite the age difference, because they are emotionally about the same age. in fact, this books works both as urban fantasy and Young Adult without insulting an older audience.
I don't know about you, but that sounds badass to me.

Nissa Annakindt gave me a 4-star review. I'll forgive her. :)
This book is an excellent read for anyone who loves vampire fiction. The love story does not get in the way of all the action. And there are no sex scenes or rants featuring foul language, so you don’t have to hide the book from your kids or your parents.
Let's go next to the review on The Catholic Geeks.  No, the review is not a friend of mine, mostly because she's in Texas and I don't know her that well.

So you have a Catholic version of a good vampire. Combine that with the Catholic version of Monster Hunter International, and you get Honor at Stake.
It’s equal parts monster-killing action flick, clean romance, and character study, with some amazing humor thrown in for good measure. At some points, I was having trouble keeping myself from laughing out loud in the office.
I think she liked it.

And who can forget the guest Puppy, Dawn Witzke -- who, believe it or not, wrote her parody when she was a neutral.

Dawn did a review of Honor at Stake, then an interview. I've excerpted her before, but the short version? 
There are many many scenes throughout the book that I like, but I don’t want to give away the whole book.
Again, not too bad. 

These are only five of the 19 reviews on Amazon.  You might want to check them out, then buy a few copies for Christmas. Or Hannukah.  Or a few birthdays. Something to wash down that Jim Butcher novel.

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